Novel LABA / LAMA formulation & novel COPD therapy formulation

Circassia’s portfolio includes two novel formulations of currently approved drugs targeting an underserved segment of the specialist moderate-to-severe COPD field.

Product overviews

Circassia’s first formulation contains a LABA / LAMA fixed dose combination, which third-party research estimates is targeting a patient population of up to 350,000 in the US and EU5. The product incorporates novel next generation nebulization technology in-licensed from leading medical innovation company Philips Respiratory Drug Delivery. The easy-to-use nebulizer is hand-held and web enabled, allowing efficient data collection. We recently completed manufacture of stability batches in preparation for a dose-ranging study of the mono-components.

The second formulation is targeting reductions in COPD exacerbations with the development program aiming to improve the efficacy and tolerability profile of the marketed product. Third-party research indicates the US / EU5 target patient population totals up to 200,000.

Pipeline status: Novel LABA / LAMA formulation

Pre-clinicalPhase IPhase IIPhase III / PMA / SubstituteFiledApproved

Pipeline status: Novel COPD therapy formulation

Pre-clinicalPhase IPhase IIPhase III / PMA / SubstituteFiledApproved

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