Corporate responsibility

Circassia recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility, and seeks to take account of the interests of all the company’s stakeholders, including its investors, customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Circassia believes that fostering an environment in which employees act in an ethical and socially responsible fashion is critical to its long-term success. Circassia strives to be a good corporate citizen and respects the laws of the countries in which it operates. Consequently, Circassia has adopted a formal Code of Conduct. The code enshrines Circassia’s policies on respecting people, integrity and interactions with those outside the company.


Attracting, motivating and retaining a highly skilled workforce is key to Circassia’s long-term success. The company’s policies accord with best practice, and stipulate that there should be equal opportunities and an absence of discrimination for all employees.


Our values, and the behaviors that underpin them, describe the culture of our business.


Our passion for delivering products to improve patients’ lives energizes us to attain our goals.


We recognize and acknowledge the contribution of teams and individuals in achieving our goals.


We act with honesty, integrity and fairness at all times and always strive to do the right thing.


We set ambitious goals and go for them, believing this drives extraordinary behaviour.


We understand key business drivers and manage our resources effectively.


The importance of diversity within Circassia is also reflected in its policies and procedures. The company does not have formal diversity quotas but recognizes that a diverse employee profile is of significant benefit.

Employee welfare and involvement

Employees are regularly provided with information about the company, for example through regular ‘open house’ sessions at which members of the management team present on various topics such as strategic and operational progress, and employee-related policies. Feedback is frequently sought by line managers and the senior management team through team meetings.

Employment, training, career development and promotion of disabled persons

Circassia recognizes the value of diversity at all levels. The company has an Equal Treatment, Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy. This provides that the company will employ and promote employees on the basis of their abilities and qualifications without regard to age, disability, gender, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including color, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief or sexual orientation. Circassia appoints, trains, develops and promotes on the basis of merit alone.

Health and safety

Circassia is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and endeavors to maintain an effective health and safety culture. The company provides ongoing training to individuals who are responsible for health and safety and all staff are notified of health and safety practices. Circassia continuously monitors its health and safety policy and practices to ensure they are robust, appropriate, and reflect changes in best practice.

Ethics and compliance

Circassia is a dedicated diagnostics and monitoring company focused on respiratory disease and accordingly operates in a highly regulated ethical framework. It complies fully with applicable laws and regulations. The company has clear policies, including an anti-bribery policy, which are maintained by the Compliance department.

Circassia also has a strong whistleblowing policy and has established an Ethics and Compliance Hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to report potential violations of legal obligations and policies. If preferred, reports can be made anonymously and translation services are available (for speakers of Swedish, Mandarin Chinese and German). Reports may be submitted through this hotline, externally hosted by EthicsPoint. For further details on reporting please see pages 10 – 11 of Circassia’s Code of Conduct.


Circassia is committed to transparency in its relationships with healthcare providers. It collects, tracks and reports transfers of value to healthcare professionals and organizations in compliance with all global disclosure and transparency laws.

Human rights

We support the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognize the obligation to promote universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction. We comply with all applicable human rights laws.


Circassia is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. The majority of the Group’s employees operate out of modern office suites, although it also occupies laboratory space in Oxford and has warehouses in Uppsala, Sweden and Morrisville, USA. Accordingly, the company believes that efficient use of energy and materials in those premises, and responsible disposal of hazardous waste, are the most important means of climate protection currently available to it. Office-based initiatives to reduce waste have also been adopted, which include recycling of paper waste, cans, plastics, batteries and printer toners / cartridges. Circassia does not possess or make use of corporate jets or private planes.

Greenhouse gas emission

Circassia considers that its current activities have a low environmental impact. Nonetheless, it still actively seeks to make energy savings in a fashion which is environmentally responsible and cost effective.

Political and charitable donations

Circassia does not make political or charitable donations, although charitable fundraising by employees is encouraged.

Slavery and human trafficking statement

Circassia is committed to combatting slavery and human trafficking. As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risks we perform due diligence on potential suppliers and distributors.

We protect whistleblowers, who can raise concerns anonymously through an externally provided reporting service. In addition, we have robust policies in place that ensure equality amongst colleagues, as well deploying a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying in all areas of the business. 

Employees have access to our Ethics Hotline which provides them with a secure way of seeking advice and guidance concerning any issues regarding modern slavery or human trafficking which may be affecting them.

We ensure that all of our staff are eligible to work in the UK. The majority of our workforce are employed directly, however where we utilise agency workers, we ensure the same checks are taken by the supplier. 

The Group’s suppliers and distributors are provided with its Partner Code of Conduct which makes it clear that the Group expects them to comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act. 

California declaration

As part of Circassia’s commitment to operating ethically and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, Circassia declares that it has established a Comprehensive Compliance Program, which is designed to also meet the requirements of the California Health and Safety Code §119400-119402. For the full California Declaration click here.