House dust mite allergy

Circassia’s house dust mite allergy therapy was developed using our ToleroMune® technology, and has successfully completed a proof-of-concept phase IIb clinical study.

House dust mite allergy

House dust mites are found widely throughout homes, in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing.  Allergy to proteins in the mites’ droppings is extremely common, and often associated with asthma.  In the United States and Europe, more people are sensitized to house dust mites than any other common allergen.  In these countries, approximately one-in-four people are sensitized to house dust mites.  As with other forms of the condition, house dust mite allergy can significantly impact sufferers’ quality of life.

House dust mite allergy treatment

Circassia’s house dust mite allergy therapy contains synthetically manufactured peptides from the key allergens in the most common dust mites (Dermataphagoides species).  In a phase II proof-of-concept study, a short course of four doses significantly reduced patients’ allergic symptoms (p=0.02) approximately one year after the start of treatment, while also demonstrating a favorable safety profile. The improvements continued to be maintained at the same level when evaluated in the same patients two years after the start of treatment. The treatment is currently in a large-scale field study, which is well advanced and anticipated to report in Spring 2017.  The results from this large study will inform Circassia’s approach to its wider allergy portfolio.

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