Cat allergy

Circassia’s cat allergy therapy is one of the new class of allergy products – Synthetic Peptide Immuno-Regulatory Epitopes (SPIREs). In common with our other SPIREs, the treatment was developed using our ToleroMune® technology.

Cat allergy

Cat allergy is one of the most common allergies. In Europe and the US, between 8 and 17% of the population are sensitized to the proteins in cat saliva, urine and skin flakes (dander) that are responsible for allergic reactions. These allergens are widespread in the environment and therefore difficult to avoid. Cat allergy is a perennial condition, and can reduce sufferers’ quality of life and impact social lives, preventing visits to friends and relatives who have cats.

Cat allergy treatment

Circassia’s cat allergy treatment contains seven synthetically produced peptides identified from the main allergen responsible for allergy to cats (Fel d 1). It has completed a number of phase II studies, and achieved encouraging results. These showed that a short course of treatment had the potential to greatly reduce patients’ symptoms, while also having a favorable safety profile. In long-term follow up, patients’ symptoms remained greatly improved two years after the start of the study, despite no further treatment after the initial four-dose, 12-week course. Recently, the immunotherapy has completed a phase III study, in which a dramatic placebo effect eliminated the ability to meet the primary endpoint despite dramatic improvements in subjects’ allergy symptoms and rescue medication use.  Consequently, Circassia will now await the results from its large house dust mite allergy field study to inform the approach to its wider allergy portfolio.

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