In June 2015, Circassia acquired
Aerocrine and Prosonix, creating a world-class specialty biopharmaceutical business.  The newly-enlarged group has established commercial infrastructure in the US and Germany, targeting Circassia’s key allergy / asthma  customers with market-leading products, a pipeline of near-term allergy and asthma treatments, and a broad portfolio of high-value product candidates.

Circassia – a specialty biopharmaceutical company developing a range of novel allergy treatments

Circassia is focused on developing and commercializing a range of immunotherapies for the treatment of allergy, and we have made significant progress since our establishment in 2006. Our lead product, a new treatment for cat allergy, is currently in a phase III registration study and we have an exciting portfolio of products, including three that have successfully completed clinical proof-of-concept phase IIb studies, designed to treat a broad range of seasonal and perennial allergies. As we continue to grow we remain focused on our founding principle – a commitment to improving patients’ lives by ‘Controlling Immune Responses’.  

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Circassia is using its unique ToleroMune® platform to develop a range of short-course allergy treatments with the potential to transform the way seasonal and perennial allergies are treated.

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Circassia has a broad range of treatments in development, with many in late-stage clinical studies.  Our most advanced therapy, targeting cat allergy, is currently undergoing phase III testing.

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Circassia regularly publishes its scientific progress in peer-reviewed journals, and presents results at leading scientific conferences.

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