Circassia – a world-class specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on allergy and asthma

In June 2015, Circassia acquired Aerocrine and Prosonix, creating a world-class specialty biopharmaceutical business.  The newly-enlarged company has an established commercial infrastructure, marketed products, a pipeline of near-term therapies and a portfolio of next generation treatments.

We sell our market-leading asthma management products directly to allergy / asthma specialists in the US and Germany, and they are also promoted internationally by our network of partners.  Our exciting pipeline includes a range of treatments for both allergy and asthma.  Our most advanced immunotherapy is currently in phase III testing for cat allergy, and we have three further allergy treatments that have completed proof-of-concept phase IIb studies.  Our lead asthma treatment was filed for regulatory approval in 2014, and we are planning two further product filings in the coming year.  In addition, we are developing a number of novel respiratory treatments, including a fixed dose ‘triple’ combination.  

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Circassia is using its unique technologies to develop short-course allergy therapies and a range of asthma treatments.

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Circassia has a broad range of treatments in development, with many in late-stage clinical studies.  Our most advanced allergy therapy is currently undergoing phase III testing, and our lead asthma treatment is undergoing regulatory review.

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Circassia regularly publishes its scientific progress in peer-reviewed journals, and presents results at leading scientific conferences.

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